Castlewood’s Cleopatra

Cleo is a special little girl with the biggest heart.

This is a photo of Cleo The Bulldog Dam to Puppies for Sale by Castlewood Bulldogs of Missouri

Champion Fabio From the Bulls Society Champion Jiruka’s Juan Pablo Montoya W’06 Multi Ch, GB Champion Ocobo Freddy Mystyle Ocobo Golden Icon Mystyle Eng, World Champion

Mystyle Golden Wonder

Ocobo Rosemarie
Dandant Cologne Ocobo Maddalo Robot Magic of Ocobo
Ocobo Pride
The Hopi’s Pride and Joy Charming Charlie Chalk Britishpride Power ‘n Glory
Ardenrun Charming Tonight
Champion Medbull Little Cherub at Nobozz Eng Champion Balfour Action Man of LaRoyal JW
Hiising Lucki Lulu at Medbull
Fandio Angels First Yoda Golden-Bull Lion Lionel Champion Groz-Kriger Hadrian made for Jubilee
Hungarian Champion Golden Bull Fanny
Isabelle Autissier It Ch, Int Champion

Wencar Golden Chance

Valerie Dei Bulls Degli Orsi
Glyndee Morning Sky Ringablok McDonlad Mystyle

Top Sire UK ’05,’06,’07

Brazil Ch, Int Champion

Fullmarks The Duke

Ringablok Princess
Glyndee’s Rain Dancer Dewrie Celtic Star
Glyndee September Breeze
Castlewood’s Bad Moon Rising Eng Champion Merriveen Touch of Frost Eng Ch & World Champion Merriveen Make My Day Eng Champion Esclusham Golden Chimes of Wencar Eng Champion Kelloe Kid Glove
Eng Champion Esclusham Song of Sixpence
Merriveen Milady Hyten Heavens to Merga Troid
Merriveen Maybe Lucky
Merriveen Quite Contrary Eng Champion Ocobo Tully Bewley Anzac
Ocobo New Edition
Merriveen Mary Mary Champion Coatesmar Gabriel Oak
Merriveen Mint
Champion Castlewood’s Harmony In Motion Champion Easy Ed’s Chazzmo BISS Champion Beauties Amos BIS Champion Millcoats Titus
Champion Beauties Repeat
BISS Champion Easy Ed’s Boop Ado BIS Champion Prestwick Gawain
Champion Easy Ed’s Mizz Trisha
Castlewood’s Daisy Duke Champion Dk’s Mini Me Champion Hobtop Picalo
Dk’s Maggie Mae
Maggie May of WB Champion Mc Hoss is the Boss
Dream Weaver