Is a Bulldog the right breed for you?

You first need to ask yourself why you want an English bulldog…….

If you are looking for a dog that can walk miles, then the bulldog isn’t the breed for you. If you’re looking for a dog that needs no walking at all, then again the bulldog isn’t the breed for you. It is true that some English bulldogs flat out refuse to go for a walk; they will lock their legs and tighten their shoulders so you can’t budge them, but the majority of English bulldogs will require a daily walk of between 20-30 minutes once or twice a day and there are some bulldogs you can’t walk far enough.

If you are looking for an English bulldog specifically because you are at work all day and have heard the rumor that English bulldogs are couch potatoes – it’s worth remembering that a bored English bulldog will chew. This is a breed that thrives on human company and all bulldogs are very good at working out what brings them attention. Like toddlers, English bulldogs will do something that gets them into trouble if they have decided your attention is being given elsewhere, usually chewing the chair legs, coffee table, cabinet knobs, or other wooden objects around the home. The bulldog probably isn’t the right breed for you if you work long hours. If you work full time wait until your hours are reduced before taking on a bulldog.

If you don’t yet have children, don’t buy an English bulldog as a baby substitute, you’ll be surprised how many end up in bulldog rescue because a real baby came along.

You may have decided on a bulldog because they are low maintenance…..Well – you know those cute little wrinkles? Those wrinkles need cleaning every day and remember – he can’t reach his own backside…..Guess who gets the job of keeping that clean? That’s right and you will want to make sure you keep plenty of baby wipes on hand for the job.

Finally, many choose the bulldog because of its reputation for being good with children and in general the bulldog gets along very well with children. But remember English bulldogs also have a reputation for their Sherman tank like mentality – getting from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’ is the same route…..Even when a 2 year old is sitting right in the middle of the path!!!

Still want a bulldog? Then it is important to find a reputable English Bulldog breeder. If you decide that a bulldog is the right breed for you then it is crucial that you research English bulldog breeders carefully before purchasing your English bulldog puppy. Anyone can put two bulldogs together, offer bulldog puppies for sale, and can call themselves bulldog breeders but that doesn’t make them reputable or responsible English bulldog breeders. Buying an English bulldog puppy is an important and long term commitment so you want to choose bulldog breeders that have the best interest of the dog, the bulldog breed, and you in mind.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Reputable Bulldog Breeders will expect to learn all they can about you before they offer an English bulldog for sale. They will screen the buyer to ensure that the bulldog puppy they have worked so hard to breed and raise goes to a home that is going to love and care for the bulldog puppy as much as they would. They’ll make sure that the buyer is aware of both the positive and negative attributes of the bulldog breed. They will ask you a lot of questions about your lifestyle, family, former dog ownership or previous experience with dogs and other pets. They want to know the reason why you want a dog, why you want an English bulldog in particular, and how much you know about the English bulldog breed. In short, they make you feel they are cautious about whom they are selling their bulldog puppies to rather than pressuring you into buying. They never sell to impulse buyers.
  • Reputable Bulldog Breeders will be there to answer all of your questions and make sure this is, in fact, the correct breed for you. Your bulldog breeder should be there for you and your dog throughout your bulldog’s entire life.
  • Reputable Bulldog Breeders will do all they can to ensure the welfare of the bulldog puppies they sell and they will take back the dog at any time during the dog’s life if you become unwilling or unable to care for it. 
  • Reputable Bulldog Breeders only have English bulldogs for sale that were born on the premises and NEVER have English bulldog puppies for sale that were shipped in from other bulldog breeders or countries.
  • Reputable Bulldog breeders do not offer their English bulldogs for sale before the age of 8 weeks, no matter how much you insist. We personally do not let them go to their new homes until they are at least 9 ½ – 10 weeks of age.
  • Reputable Bulldog Breeders carefully select their breeding stock for health, temperament and conformation to the standard. When talking about the individual puppies they do not guarantee you that any puppy will turn out to be a champion. Do not just buy from any breeder that offers “English Bulldogs For Sale”. If you do not feel comfortable with the bulldog breeder, have patience and find a new one. Do your homework and research. It pays off.