Recommended English Bulldog Puppy Supplies

Preparing to Bring Your New Bulldog Puppy Home

Supplies to have when you bring your Puppy home…

You just got a new bulldog puppy, and you’re so excited to bring him home. You imagine him ambling about your house, getting into every nook and crevice, including the garbage can, the closets, and anything else he deems intriguing. So before bringing your new bulldog puppy home spend some time puppy proofing your house and gathering some needed supplies. Moving to a new home is a difficult experience for a puppy. Leaving his mother, siblings and the only people he has known thus far can be stressful for the puppy. Sights, sounds and smells will all be new and unusual to him. Try to make the adjustment as easy as you can for him and change as little as possible. Here is a basic list of supplies you’ll need:

Supplies for Your Bulldog Puppy:

  • Bowls for Food and Water: Stainless steel is the most durable, easiest to wash and won’t harbor bacteria like plastic can. We use this stainless steel pail for water:
    Water Pail
    and this 8″ shallow stainless steel bowl for food:
    Food Bowl
  • Nature’s Logic Original Dry Dog Food (Link to Nature’s Logic website). We do a rotational feed of all nine protein formulas, Beef, Chicken, Duck & Salmon, Lamb, Pork, Rabbit, Sardine, Turkey, and Venison. Beef is the formula you will want to purchase first, this is the food your bulldog puppy is currently eating and I strongly encourage new puppy owners to continue with it. Nutrition is extremely important for the proper development of your bulldog puppy. However, it is crucial that you keep a close eye on your bulldog puppy’s weight and that you never allow him to become overweight, especially while going through puppyhood and the growth period as this can cause skeletal deformities. A bulldog puppy that gets too many calories grows too quickly. It will grow its bones faster than its muscles and tendons can match, and fast growth/heavy calorie load is STRONGLY associated with skeletal/joint disorders later in life………This includes hip dysplasia. Bulldog puppies kept lean and slow-growing become adults with an EIGHTY PERCENT reduction in hip dysplasia when compared to adults who as puppies ate as much as they wanted. Nature’s Logic has a wonderful reputation and uses very high quality, nutrient-dense ingredients. For those that are concerned about DCM, Nature’s Logic contains no peas or potatoes and has natural taurine. You can visit the manufacture’s website here for a list of local stores in your area that carries it:
    Where To Find Nature’s Logic Locally
    Or you can purchase it online at here: Beef
  • Training Treats. We recommend nutritious, natural treats, I personally prefer to only use fresh treats that come straight out of our fridge. Mostly this includes smoked beef brisket, smoked chicken breast, and cubed cheddar cheese. I also keep Orijen brand treats on hand for when we are traveling. You can buy the Orijen treats that we use here:
    Orijen Treats
  • A Crate: Not only will a crate serve as his den, it is also a must for house training. Wire crates are best as they are portable, durable, comfortable and well ventilated. Choose one with an adjustable divider panel so that you can expand the interior size as your bulldog puppy grows. We recommend the MidWest Life Stages Double Door Crate in the 36Lx24Wx27H size.
  • Bedding for The Crate: Inside the crates we use re-usable and washable hospital type bed pads and I will also throw in an old t-shirt, robe or towel for them to cuddle with.
  • Other Beds: Besides the crate we also have other beds throughout the house for our bulldogs to lounge around on. Our favorite beds are by Kuranda These are elevated beds that are chew proof and easy to wipe down.
    We also really like the Molly Mutt brand beds. They are basically duvet covers that you can stuff with old clothes, towels, linens or anything soft. Simply fill the stuff sack with the items you gathered and insert into the duvet. To wash, just remove the stuff sack and throw the duvet into the wash. These work great inside crates as well. 
    Molly Mutt Stuff Sacks 
    Molly Mutt Duvets
  • Stairs or a doggy ramp. Bulldogs should never be allowed to jump onto or off of anything that is taller than they are. So, if you intend to let your bully watch TV on the couch or sleep in your bed it is best to teach them to use doggy stairs or ramps. Here are a few links to three different types:
    Pet Gear Easy Step II: [ Link ]
    Pet Gear Soft Step III: [ Link ]
    Other Types of Stairs: [ Link ].
  • Free and Clear Laundry Detergent. Bulldogs are prone to skin allergies and it is best to wash their towels, blankets, bedding, etc. in a dye and perfume free detergent such as Cheer Free.
  • A soft, adjustable collar and a leash. We recommend the Mendota British Slip Lead. This is a slip style leash and collar in one. [ Link ]If you decide to use a traditional style collar and leash and intend to leave the collar on for long periods of time be sure to check under the collar frequently. The skin can become irritated and if gone unnoticed can become very raw and even infected.
  • Safe Toys: Natural antler chews (Deer, Elk, etc), Kong toys, sturdy tug ropes and things that will spark interest are the best choices. Avoid rawhide products and anything with parts that could break off or
  • Grooming tools:
    • Brushes, we like to use the Kong Zoom brush [ Link ] and then follow up with a FURminator [ Link ].
    • Shampoo – We recommend Earthbath All Natural Shampoo [ Link ]
    • Diaper rash ointment, and cornstarch or baby powder (for wrinkles and folds)
    • A Dremil or nail clippers.
    • Q- tips
    • Lots of baby wipes.These work great for daily wrinkle, tail and bottom cleanings.
    • Ear cleanser (Zymox or Vet Solutions are good brands). You can also put this on a cotton ball or soft wash cloth to clean facial wrinkles and tail pockets.

    Additional supplies: Keep peroxide, antibiotic cream, a thermometer, dry eye solution, allergy medication, and an anti-diarrheal that is safe for dogs. Remember that dogs can take many over-the-counter drugs intended for people as long as the dose is right.

  •  Baby Gates: To keep your dog from getting into other rooms unsupervised, place baby gates around your home. You can use them to keep your dog away from stairs or dangerous places like basements or laundry rooms.  [Link ]

Puppy Proof Your Home:

In addition to supplies, you’ll want to protect your bulldog against hazardous materials and anything you don’t want him to chew. This includes sneakers and other shoes, but it also includes more dangerous things like antifreeze and power cords. Remember that your bulldog can also chew and ingest small things such as buttons, ribbons, tassels and plastic pieces, which can obstruct his airway passage or become lodged in his intestinal tract. In some cases, these will need to be surgically removed and could lead to infection or death.

Also, make sure your backyard is well fenced and that your dog cannot get into flowerbeds or dangerous plants. Poison ivy, milkweed, hemlock, and sage are all poisonous to dogs, so especially make sure these plants are not in your yard or are not accessible. Also keep yard supplies like rakes, rocks, and plastic bags out of reach so your dog doesn’t chew on them.

A Vet that Specializes in Bulldogs

Your bulldog puppy will come home with medical and inoculation records. If you don’t already have a family vet, ask friends to recommend one and visit several offices to check for efficiency and cleanliness. As soon as he’s settled in, have your bulldog puppy checked over by the vet you choose. That way, you’ll be prepared for emergencies before they happen. Make sure to use a Bulldog experienced Vet. That is a very important thing to do. Here are two links to websites that have Bulldog Vets listed by state:

Bulldogworld: [ Link ]
Bullynet: [ Link ]